Andros Polska Sp. z o.o.,

Łopatki 37A, 24-160 Wąwolnica, Poland

Private labels

What makes us proud is the fact that our products are sold by the largest trade chains both in Poland and across Europe.


Andros Polska offers a wide range of fruit preserves, marmalades and jams (both low and high sugar) made to one of our numerous recipes or to suit the individual requests of our customers.

Our products come in every price range and conform to various quality specifications following client’s request.

Our offer also includes a selection of glass and plastic packaging which is manufactured both locally and abroad.

When it comes to individual requests, we are ready to offer our flexibility in meeting the individual requirements of our customers.


We can also guarantee our comprehensive support in market research and the creation of new products at every development stage. It gives us pleasure to assure you that our extensive experience, which is based on the knowledge of Andros Polska professionals, is at your disposal.

Product Proposals

Products with no added sugar

Premium product prepared only from fruit, contains only natural fruit sugars

Fruit for desserts

Premium product with a high fruit content of 80%

100% fruit

Perfect jam without unnecessary additives,
simple composition, 100% of fruit


Confiture with honey

A premium product where sugar was replaced with honey, 70% of fruit


Kids 100% fruit

A product with a high fruit content of 100%, “smooth”, heavily rubbed, favorite by children