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Quality and Certificates

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Wśród naszych produktów znajdą Państwo szeroki asortyment naszych produktów markowych oraz przetworów owocowych pod markami własnymi dystrybutorów.

Produkujemy również owoce mrożone dla przemysłu i na rynek detaliczny. Dodatkowo, nasz asortyment został powiększony o produkty przemysłowe mające zastosowanie w przemyśle piekarniczym, cukierniczym i mleczarskim.

We offer you…

For many years now we have ensured the high quality of our products. Fruit is the primary source and the most important ingredient of Andros Polska products. That is why our quality begins at farms and plantations, usually long before harvest takes place. Because of that, the standards we offer may be higher than the regular standards in Poland. We also pay our special attention to the time between harvest and the time fruit arrives at our factory. Our large refrigeration facilities allow us to store fruit in appropriate conditions before it is processed.

We make every effort to create products which meet the requirements of the strictest norms and standards. In order to achieve that we cooperate closely with our suppliers by ensuring that they are supervised by an agronomist. We also organise trainings and lectures for our suppliers. These activities allow us to monitor the entire production process, from the moment seedlings are monitored at a plantation until the final product is placed on a shop shelf. Our experts monitor the fruit from the moment it begins ripening until it is harvested, loaded onto trucks and transported to our factory. Our strict control measures, which we apply during receiving, sorting and freezing fruit, guarantee the highest quality of our products, which can be supported by the IFS and BIO certificates we hold.