Andros Polska Sp. z o.o.,

Łopatki 37A, 24-160 Wąwolnica, Poland


Frozen fruits

Frozen fruit is our trademark and the source of our pride. The innovative sorting system and spacious refrigeration facilities allow us to offer you the best quality.

Apart from our conventional fruit range, we also offer a wide range of BIO fruit. The organic value of our BIO fruit is supported by an official certificate awarded each year by PTRE Ekogwarancja, who are the largest institution in the field of Organic Food Production Certification.

Our products (both conventional range and BIO) are delivered in various types of packaging, depending on the requirements of our customers. The most common packaging which we use is cardboard boxes (5, 10 and 25 kg) and paper bags (20 and 25 kg).

Strawberry (also BIO)

Raspberry (also BIO)

Blueberry (also BIO)

Sour Cherry

Blackberry (also BIO)




and other, between other redcurrant, blackcurrant (also BIO), rhubarb, elderberry and chokeberry.